Wear Protection Inserts

Cutting & Wear stock a comprehensive selection of wear protection inserts. The inserts are available in a variety of designs and shapes, including trapezoidal. Once applied to a tool, they can be infilled with either metal spray powder or composite rod to offer a wear resistant surface to meet your application needs.


If you’re looking for quality products that provide outstanding wear and impact resistance we have just what you are looking for. We’ve taken the wear protection insert business to the next level with TSP Xtreme. Easy to apply to steel with our QuickTip process, the TSP Xtreme is the ultimate in wear protection. Confused by what is available and what you specifically need? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

TSP Xtreme

  • Offers unrivalled diamond wear resistance
  • Compatible with QuickTip process, providing a proven bond
  • Incorporates a grinding allowance
This new insert combines the hardness and abrasive resistance of thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) diamond with the toughness of tungsten carbide. Easy to apply to steel using the patented QuickTip process.

Rectangular Inserts

  • Premium grades of tungsten carbide
  • Ideal mix of wear and impact resistance
  • Withstands harsh downhole conditions
  • Typical hardness 1225-1325 HV30
Our premium grade of tungsten carbide for wear protection inserts is CW40 which provides the ideal mix of wear and impact resistance. We also offer our grade CW60 to suit all your non-magnetic applications. Both can be paired with our range of Metal Spray Powders ensuring you have superior wear protection.

Diamond Impregnated Inserts

  • Easily applied to stabilizers
  • Maintains gauge
  • Increased wear protection, pro-longing tool life
Diamond Impregnated Inserts can be used on tools to create a hardwearing surface and are an ideal mix of wear and impact resistance. These inserts can be applied with our MSK30 powder and are suited to a range of size specific applications.

Trapezoidal Inserts

  • Premium grade of tungsten carbide CW40
  • Ideal mix of wear and impact resistance
  • Compatible with SupaWear to produce HF2000 hardfacing
Manufactured to our CW40 specification, trapezoidal inserts are the ideal mix of wear and impact resistance. They are compatible with both our patented QuickTip system and our SupaWear composite rod to provide high quality HF2000 hardfacing.

ReadyTip Insert Sheets

  • Pre-spaced inserts for easy application to stabilizers
  • Custom sizing available
  • Increased wear protection, pro-longing tool life
Designed for use with the QuickTip system our ReadyTip sheets consist of precisely spaced wear protection inserts attached to an adhesive paper backing for immediate use. This allows for rapid application of the inserts as they are tacked down using the QuickTip system. ReadyTip sheets are available in a range of sizes, and can be made custom to your specific needs, contact our sales team with your specifications today.

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