Research, Design & Development

At Cutting & Wear we strive to continuously improve our activity in hardfacing and engineering services. Using our on the job experience we work hard to design, develop and manufacture new products for the sector. We are also able to use our facilities and expertise to support clients with progressing their own projects.

Our creativity doesn’t just stop at the product. We use our design capabilities to draw technical documentation including reports and user manuals and the Cutting & Wear team can and have engaged with marketing activities to take product ideas to market.

To ensure our products are fit for purpose we’ve invested in vigorous testing environments such as the flow loop, test and wear rigs.


Innovation in down hole drilling tool design can be demonstrated by the range of products that we have developed. Our capabilities range from draughting services through to digitally-based design and manufacture of prototype tools ready for testing. We have worked with large service companies and start-ups alike to turn their ideas into reality.

Testing Services

We pride ourselves on our robust testing facilities. Our research and development function is committed to delivering products and processes that are safe and of the highest quality. Our team, using their collective knowledge and experience oversee each testing stage and vigorously apply the company quality, health safety and environment policy and procedure.

Flow Loop

Cutting & Wear have developed a bespoke tool testing facility. This configuration allows for the flow testing of tools. The flow loop consists of 2 engine pump sets, an Oilwell 220P driven by a 725HP engine and a Ross D-175 driven by a 192HP engine. Other flow/pressure configurations are available with alternative liners. The flow loop is fully instrumented using national instruments and all data can be viewed live as well as downloaded for further analysis at a later date. Get in touch with our technical team for more information and to enquire about hiring this facility.

Test Rig

It is important to us that our customers can test their tools under rigorous conditions because we know that the conditions our customers are exposed to can be some of the toughest out there. Our testing equipment is of the highest calibre, allowing us to put our products through multiple scenarios, all overseen by Cutting & Wear’s team of experienced engineers. Our test rig enables us to provide our customers with evidence of our products quality, safety and reliability.

Hardbanding Wear Test Rig – API 7CW

At Cutting & Wear we work hard to maintain the highest level in industry standards. This is no different when it comes to our hardbanding wear rig for testing the wear resistance and casing friendliness of hardbanding materials. Our procedures meet the requirements as defined by the API 7CW standard which guides our expert team in delivering casing wear testing to a high quality.

Wear Rig

Cutting and Wear’s hardfacing wear rig is designed to simulate a variety of conditions experienced by tools while downhole. This has been used extensively to refine our hardfacing technology and is also available for testing of customers products.

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