Complete Manufacturing Services

At Cutting & Wear we offer an end to end manufacturing service. Our new custom designed shop floor has all the features required to service the oil and gas industry. With both CNC and manual machines we deliver the best in hardfaced downhole tools. Accredited with API Spec 7-1 we can cut a full range of API connections. Whether it is deep hole boring, turning, milling or our specialist hardfacing expertise you require, we aim to give you the best experience possible. Read on for more information on our wide range of services.


Contact us to develop your engineering solution; whether it’s general advice, pricing or assistance with your specific project the Cutting & Wear team can help.

Material Supply

Cutting & Wear are based in Sheffield, a city renowned for its steel supply. This places us in a unique position to access a wide range of metal grades, including non-magnetic material. Over the years we have forged great relationships with the material supply chain and coupled with our in house metallurgist team, you can trust Cutting & Wear to meet all your material requirements.

Deep Hole Boring

We can provide first stage boring on a range of sizes between 2” and 6” and up to a maximum length of 120”.

Longer, larger bores and honing are catered for by local sub-contractors.


Our impressive range of turning facilities enable us to accommodate a wide range of requirements. We have smaller lathes, such as the Puma Doosan, and larger lathes with 14.5” hollow spindles, 42” swing and offering bed lengths up to 204″

All of our machines are equipped for cutting API connections and cold rolling.


Cutting & Wear has over 40 years of milling a variety of complex tools and has built up a wide range of milling machines to continually increase our capability and capacity.

Our 5 Axis milling machines are ideal for complex designs and machining pockets for PDC cutters. In addition to the 5-Axis, we also have several 4-axis machines, with continuous 360° spiralling, 10” through spindle and the ability to accommodate tools up to 6m in length.

Hardfacing Services

Cutting & Wear provide a broad range of hardfacing services to the oil and gas industry. Working in the industry for over 40 years, the services we provide include all of the below.


Cutting & Wear have a range of grinding machines to cope with all downhole tools up to 36” diameter and lengths of up to 10ft.

Hollow spindle capacity of 12.5ft for longer lengths and all our machines are equipped with internal grinding spindles. We can use conventional wheels and diamond wheels on our machines to suit your application requirements.

Inspection & Delivery

Cutting & Wear have established an enviable reputation for manufacturing quality products for the drilling industry. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive quality system and are regularly audited by external bodies to maintain the standards of ISO 9001-2015 and API Spec 7 for maximum customer confidence.

We have a robust quality, health, safety and environment policy which underpins all our processes, directs risk management used to minimise loss through process failure. Working with Cutting & Wear you can be sure of a vigorous inspection infrastructure.

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