If your organisation would like to operate its own hardfacing workshop, the Cutting and Wear team can help. We can supply all the main equipment to ensure you have a well-stocked, smooth running process. If you’re going to enter the world of hardfacing, you might as well do it alongside the best!

Our range of equipment ensures that you have all you need for each stage; heaters designed to get tools to the right temperature, measuring devices to enable accurate readings, adaptable workstations and user friendly water coolers. We even supply a directory of accessories, allowing you to commence hardfacing as soon as possible rather than having to shop around to complete your workshop.

3 Point Micrometers

3-point micrometers enable direct measurement readings of stabilizers and similar tri-bladed equipment. Micrometers provide fast, accurate measurement of diameters. With lightweight frames they are easy to use and eliminate the need to hoist up one end of the item to be measured. They come in a carry case and are supplied with a calibration certificate.

Silver Dragon Bore Heaters

The Silver Dragon Bore Heater is designed to efficiently pre-heat, maintain and provide post-heat soak of large through bored components such as stabilisers. When welding or hard facing low alloy steels it is essential to pre-heat the metal to prevent hardened zones that might lead to cracking. The built-in timer enables the start of the heating time to be set.


Our workstations are designed to assist in the hardfacing of stabilisers by rotating the tool during hardfacing therefore easing the use of application for the user. Workstations are available in both manual and powered options.

Water Cooling Unit

Cutting & Wear’s water cooler is used on non-magnetic material when hardfacing to help prevent the inserts from lifting when the material contracts after heating. The cooler unit fills the bore of the tool to maintain a more constant temperature throughout the tool resulting in less expansion and contraction, they are easy to assemble and operate.

Spares and Accessories

We stock a comprehensive selection of workshop accessories. If you do not find the items you need, please get in touch with your details and the item you require and we will source the item for you from our wide range of suppliers. Our accessories include torch stands and heat shields.