Composite Rod

If you’re looking for superior grade composite rod, look no further than Cutting and Wear – our composite rod range is considered to be the best in the industry. It certainly should be, we’ve been manufacturing for over 50 years and have poured our experience and knowledge into creating it.

Our experience and knowledge, combined with our unique manufacturing process, have evolved in line with the innovations in tungsten carbide technology. The SupaCutt composite rod product range is backed by our ISO9000 quality system, providing you the assurance of using a high quality product which meets the challenging demands that are present down hole.

We offer a number of options covering a range of sizes, and all of our composite rod is available as standard, bare, or flux coated so we are sure to be able to meet your requirements. Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team can help you decide which solution will work best for the job at hand, so please contact us with your specific needs.

SupaCutt Xtreme

  • Faster cutting & longer life
  • Steel cutting grades of tungsten carbide
  • Consistent and uniform pieces of tungsten carbide
  • Made for ease of application
  • Holds in gauge for longer
SupaCutt Xtreme is the superior composite rod for downhole milling ability. Steel cutting grade fragments of tungsten carbide are blocky with sharp edges and corners for long life and aggressive cutting performance. The tungsten carbide pieces hold gauge for longer downhole, therefore providing faster cutting & longer life.


  • Steel cutting grades of tungsten carbide
  • Sharp, angular and chunky fragments
  • Made with high tensile brazing alloy

SupaCutt is a composite rod used for cutting applications and is manufactured from steel cutting grade tungsten carbide to produce high quality angled fragments. Available in a range of sizes and blended to optimise the packing density when laid.


  • Ideal for stabilizers and other gauge protection products
  • Rounded pieces of tungsten carbide for optimal wear resistance
  • Consistent particle size for easy application
  • Reduces grinding time
SupaWear Composite Rod is used for wear applications and is manufactured from tungsten carbide processed to produce rounded fragments. It comes in a range of sizes and then blended to optimize packing density when laid.

StarCutt & Sharkstooth

  • Using our premium grade of tungsten carbide, CW6
  • Provides very sharp and aggressive cutting structures
  • Bespoke sintered WC formulated to maximise cutting profile

These high performance composite rods use our renowned StarCutt and Sharkstooth inserts providing you with sharp aggressive cutting edges and the robustness required on crucial areas of your milling tool.

SupaCutt Nickel Chrome Boron


  • Available as both standard and non-magnetic rods
  • Can be manufactured using our CW40 or CW60 grade sintered tungsten carbide, or crushed carbide held in a metal spray powder matrix
  • Ideal for cutting applications where non-magnetic properties are required
Our Nickel Chrome Boron composite rods are ideal when application is required on a non-magnetic tool or component. These highly versatile composite rods can be manufactured for both cutting application using steel cutting grade crushed carbide, as well as wear protection, using our CW40 or CW60 grade wear protection inserts. Fully non-magnetic grade composite rods are available held in a matrix of our K20NM metal spray powder. Composite rods for cutting applications can be manufactured using Zinc free Ni-Cu-Si-B matrix.

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