Hardfacing Services

Cutting & Wear’s hardfacing portfolio is wide ranging. As hardfacing specialists we support the oil and gas industry with their specific requirements, backed by over 50 years of experience in this sector. Whether it is our renowned QuickTip process, composite rod application, brazing or hardbanding, you can be assured of quality and attention to detail at every stage. The Cutting & Wear team are specialists in the field and with a fully equipped Hardfacing Technology Centre, our hardfacing service is best in class.


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QuickTip HF3000

Cutting & Wear, the inventors of the QuickTip process, provides high wear resistance with the toughness required for downhole tools.

Now enhanced with TSP Xtreme giving the performance of diamond with ease of QuickTip application.

Composite Rod

SupaCutt and SupaCutt Xtreme tungsten carbide composite rods are applied extensively to downhole tools used for metal cutting applications. Their versatile nature means that they can be used on their own, or can be combined with our proprietary milling inserts and used on a wide variety of tools such as casing shoes, junk mills, section mills and coiled tubing mills. Special grades, including rods manufactured using Sharkstooth and Starcutt inserts are available for especially demanding applications.

Our SupaWear composite rod is ideal for wear resistant application on downhole tools, principally stabilizers, and often in conjunction with our tungsten carbide inserts.


Brazing is an important process in downhole tool manufacture, whether it is low temperature silver soldering of PDC inserts for cutting structures, or higher temperature brazing of tungsten carbide cutting inserts on fishing tools.

Cutting & Wear offer this service using internal application methods of oxyacetylene torches, induction heating and furnace brazing.

Hard Banding

At Cutting & Wear we have state of the art hardbanding facilities which have been refine over many years to ensure we offer the highest quality. Our hardbanding solutions are designed for both openhole and casing-friendly applications to increase tubular durability and to maximize wear resistance on variety of downhole tools. We are qualified to hardband using a range of renowned wires including Arnco, Armacor and many more.

Flexicoy HF5000

Flexicoy has a pure nickel core surrounded by a thick coating consisting of an alloy matrix and fused tungsten carbide. When deposited together it provides a tough, wear resistant surface. We apply our renowned Flexicoy using an oxy-acetylene torch to achieve excellent bonding properties and greater surface wear characteristics.

Available in a range of sizes, Flexicoy is ideal for components such as stabilizer sleeves and those subject to geothermal conditions.


Cutting & Wear have a range of grinding machines to cope with all downhole tools up to 36” diameter and lengths of up to 10ft.

Hollow spindle capacity of 12.5ft for longer lengths and all our machines are equipped with internal grinding spindles. We can use conventional wheels and diamond wheels on our machines to suit your application requirements.

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