Hardfacing Workshop Supplies

Fishing & Milling Inserts

Unique range of Milling Inserts designed to improve drilling efficiency and rates of penetration.


From a range of heating tools to measurement of the completed product. We supply all the equipment you need to operate a hardfacing workshop


We stock a comprehensive selection of hardfacing consumables that include the day-to-day items you will need to hardface all your down hole tools.

Wear Protection Inserts

Inserts to reduce wear and come in a variety of designs including trapezoidal for brazing on their own or infilled with composite rod stabiliser inserts

Composite Rod

Our range of composite rod has been developed over 40 years and is considered to be the best in the world.

Hardfacing System

QuickTip is a high quality hardfacing system for downhole tools that couples tungsten carbide inserts with an innovative application process.

We have a proud history of developing new hardfacing products and equipment for our oilfield workshop customers globally.

Technological developments that are now standard throughout the industry include the unique QuickTip hardfacing system. Our technical department has a close relationship with the department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Sheffield. This has resulted in a number of projects to research new hardfacing methods and materials to reduce wear and improve the cutting performance of downhole tools. We also offer support to our customers through training and technical support to solve hardfacing problems. Whether through setting up a new workshop, or expanding an existing facility, we have the materials and equipment available to produce world class hardfacing.