TSP Xtreme

TSP Xtreme is a new insert offering the durability of TSP (Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond) with the ease of application of tungsten carbide inserts. TSP Xtreme features a coated TSP core brazed in to a tungsten carbide jacket that incorporates the patented QuickTip rib design. Applied using the QuickTip process to ensure a secure bond, the tungsten carbide jacket holds the TSP securely in position. This allows for the application of an even layer of extremely durable TSP wear protection.

The TSP Xtreme insert is designed to replace standard tungsten carbide inserts when hardfacing a tool using the QuickTip process. The TSP Xtreme insert is intended for use on downhole tools in extreme wear conditions and on critical areas of the tool, for example, the leading edge of a Stabilizer Blades; but the insert can also be used to cover the entire surface.

The Inserts are laid in the same way as a standard insert with no special procedures required. The inserts incorporate a grinding allowance which allows the tool to be ground to the specified diameter leaving a tungsten carbide surface which, when worn, will expose the TSP diamond.

TSP Xtreme Information Sheet

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