At Cutting & Wear we are always striving to improve our products and stay one step ahead. Most recently we gave our technical team the task of improving the flux coating on our renowned composite rod, specifically to offer greater consistency and longevity of the coating. The good news is that they’ve done just that, and in September we switched 100% of production of flux coated composite rods to our new method. This new method has a number of improvements which all help out SupaCutt, SupaCutt Xtreme, and SupaWear composite rods perform even better. The new method now means:
• A more robust coating, meaning it remains intact during shipping, handling and application
• It remains unaffected by changes in atmospheric conditions, significantly increasing its storage life
• That unlike other methods of flux coating, ours will not disintegrate during the brazing process – it remains active to improve the flow
We’ve already had some feedback, and first impressions are positive – one hardfacing operative told us that the improved coating has “a consistent and well distributed flow”, and another said that “these great composite rods are new even better”.
All orders are now being produced with the new method of coating, so expect to see it soon!