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Crushed Carbide

Sintered Crushed Carbide is mostly used in Hardbanding operations.

By running a mild steel weld pool then feeding the crushed carbide via a feed hopper this give hardness and durability to any drill pipes, digger teeth, drag plates and shredders for the use in quarrying, excavating and recycling. Available in two grades: fused (fused tungsten carbide), or sintered (sintered tungsten Carbide) they have significantly different properties.

Fused Tungsten Carbide

This is the eutectic of tungsten and carbon. It has a very high hardness (typically 2000 HV) but is very brittle, it performs very well in pure abrasion applications but if subjected to impact fails prematurely. The maximum size is limited to around 10 mesh (2mm) due to its structure.

Sintered Tungsten Carbide

Produced from very fine tungsten carbide (1-3 micron) cemented together with cobalt (6-20%) often with other elements (titanium tantalum etc) to a variety of characteristics. Hardness is typically 1600 HV and is very able to withstand impact. Sintered grit is manufactured from recycled tungsten carbide.

The standard grade contains titanium and tantalum and is generally used for hardbanding, where the grit is poured into a MIG weld pool producing the lowest cost tungsten carbide based hardfacing.

An alternative grade is also available free of titanium and tantalum, which is better suited when the grit is being applied using brazing techniques.

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Crushed Carbide
20-30 Mesh Fused Tungsten Carbide - GF2030
30-40 Mesh Fused Tungsten Carbide - GF3040
40-60 Mesh Fused Tungsten Carbide - GF4060
60-80 Mesh Fused Tungsten Carbide - GF6080
Fused Tungsten Carbide Powder <20 - +106µm - MSKFTC
10-14 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS1014
10-18 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS1018
14-20 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS1420
20-30 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS2030
30-40 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS3040
30-45 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS3045
40-60 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS4060
60-80 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS6080
80-100 Mesh Sintered Tungsten Carbide Grit - GS80100
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