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230V Silver Dragon Bore Heater - Propane Gas

230V Silver Dragon Bore Heater - Propane Gas

The Silver Dragon Bore Heater is designed to efficiently pre-heat, maintain and provide post-heat soak of large through bored components such as stabilizers.

The robust, stainless steel gas burner unit operates by injecting a flame into a stainless steel tube which is insert into the bore of the component.  Air from combustion is supplied through a forced draught fan vent on the side of the unit.

A built-in timer enables the start of the heating time to be set. In addition a temperature controller is available as an accessory.

Burner controls are located on the side of the box for easy access. For use on bores over 2 3/16” in size.

The bore heater has a 20kw output, 230V and for use with propane gas.

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