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QuickTip for Cutting or Wear Applications

QuickTip performs exceptionally well in downhole conditions where severe abrasion is coupled with impact. Tools hardfaced using QuickTip are able to withstand the impact and hold gauge for extended drilling hours.

QuickTip's high performance is the result of a number of factors:

  • 62% of the blade surface is covered with tungsten carbide Sintered tungsten carbide is used as the wear medium
  • Large individual wear elements are used over an equivalent area of small grains - providing a significant improvement in wear resistance
  • Durability is achieved by using the hard and impact resistant tungsten carbide inserts, bonded using the high strength and resilient matrix bronze material
  • Quality of bonding can be inspected using ultrasonic inspection procedures before it leaves the shop
  • The QuickTip process is ideal for the application of metal cutting inserts to mills for finishing downhole remedial work.
  • QuickTip allows the precise positioning of the inserts at room temperature.
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