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The tungsten carbide is a tetrahedral shape giving sharp aggressive cutting edges with high strength and is available in one size equivalent to 5/16 (8mm) mesh size.

Composition 60% Sharkstooth insert, 40% matrix. The rods are suitable for applications where performance is critical and the drilling application does not justify hardfacing with inserts, but the guaranteed performance of CW6 is required. The rods can be used in crucial areas of the tool and then are reinforced using standard Supacutt rod. Flux coated and Non-Flux coated rods are available.

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Sharkstooth 500gm 60/40 Composite Rod - SHT5165006040kgs
Sharkstooth 500gm 60/40 Flux Coated Composite Rod - SHT5165006040FCkgs
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