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Wear Rig

To evaluate hardfacing products for downhole tool application, Cutting & Wear have developed a hardfacing wear test rig which simulates downhole conditions experienced by downhole tools.

The usual test used by the industry is a rubber wheel with sand. This test only considers a very small area which with composite materials are rarely representative of the hardfacing material. This is because it could be running on a hard element or a matrix element or both to varying degrees. This test takes no account of the impact which is a significant factor with downhole tools. 

Cutting and Wear's rig rotates a 2 ½ “ (63mm) diameter sample against a material representative of the formation. With each rotation of the mandrel, the test sample impacts the formation material and has to lift the formation material an amount dependant on the settings, also adjustable is the mass of formation material. 

The wear rig simulates a tool rotating in a horizontal section and similar to a stabiliser as each blade rotates it impacts towards the bottom of the hole and lifts the weight of the drilling assembly causing an impact to the hardfacing. 

The C&W Wear Rig replicates these conditions as the sample rotates, it is the formation material that moves upward and provides the impact load on the sample as well as the abrasive wear. As the aim is to simulate downhole conditions as much as possible, mud is circulated from a primary tank through the wear rig. The wear rig is fully instrumental to both control and monitor the wear rigs speed, load, axial displacement of formation block and torque. 


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