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Flow Loop

Cutting & Wear have developed a bespoke tool testing facility. The current configuration allows for the flow testing of tools. 

The flow loop consists of 2 engine pump sets as below: 

Oilwell 220P driven by 725HP engine 
7 “Liners       750gpm at 1165PSI
2800 Litres per min at 1200PSI
Ross  D-175 driven by 192HP engine
3 ¼ “Liners   120gpm at 1200PSI 

Alternative flow/pressure configurations are available with alternative liners. 

The flow loop is fully instrumented using national instruments labview monitoring 2 pressure channels and flow & pump stroke. All data can be used live and downloaded. 

We have recently added a ball drop facility and a Dando drilling rig can be utilised for rotational assesments.

The flow loop circulates water there is no provision to include mud. The hire charge includes a technician and support facilities for handling the tool and break out unit. 


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